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Makes | 22 Sep 2022

Rainbow Jumper Rescue

Before the tragedy.

This rainbow stripe jumper from Run and Fly is one of my favourite things to wear. It's bright and cheerful and practical. I was wearing it on a trip with my husband and a close friend, when it got tragically stained by a deadly combination of pasta sauce and panicked application of a red napkin. It had a pink mark right in the middle that no amount of stain remover and elbow grease could get rid of. I was about to give up, when I realised that the fabric was a tight rib knit that was the same on the front and back.

The stain, faint but unremovable :( (seen here on the inside, post-rescue!)

I seam ripped the whole jumper apart into pieces, and then put it back together again, starting with the shoulders, and then reattaching the collar. I realised this was a perfect moment to address the neckline, which had always been slightly too small for me. I cut away just 1 cm of fabric all the way around the neck hole, and then sewed the collar around it. I then attached the sleeves and sewed all the way down the sides from the end of the sleeves to the hips. Voila!

The fixed jumper!

I'm so happy to have rescued a favourite piece instead of buying something new, and with the neckline adjustment it's even better than it was before. Here is a recent picture of it at the top of Grasmoor in the Lake District!

Triumph (over both hill and stain).