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Makes | 13 Feb 2023

Custom Cricut Planner Pages

I’ve been searching for a way to better organise all the things I’m working on and ideas I have for future projects. I bought this Filofax years ago, I believe as a reward to myself for passing my degree! It had some numbered dividers in it, but I didn’t really need all 6 sections and it ended up just being messy and underutilised.

I used Affinity Designer to design three dividers, for daily notes, lists of projects and to-dos, and sketching pages, with measurements taken from the existing dividers. I designed the labels as paths so I could use the pen on my Cricut to write them before cutting them out. I also made myself a shiny front page to replace the original Filofax page, and I think it looks pretty neat!

I’m thinking of using the same method to cut myself some pages out of heavier paper for sketching, as I haven’t found any pre-cut ones available. Only being able to get 3 pages out of an A4 sheet means it would be quite tedious to do, but it would be a good addition.

After I added the dividers and cover I realised the final missing piece was a pocket to keep some different pens and pencils in, so I ordered a Filofax pencil case which has been perfect. I’ve been using the planner a lot and it was especially useful in the run up to my second Etsy launch.

I’m thinking about setting up a second Etsy store for digital files like this in future, as I always check Etsy myself first before investing the time in making them. I’ll put it in my todo-list section for the future…

The labels “handwritten” by my Cricut