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Makes | 12 Feb 2023

Cross Stitch Pixel Heart Earrings

I had seen some laser cut cross stitch blanks made out of wood on Etsy, and I really liked the concept. It did make me wonder though, would these work made out of acrylic? And as with everything I make lately, would these work as earrings??

I whipped up a design in Affinity designer, and it was actually really easy - I used squares to build the pixel hearts and then placed circles at all the corners of the squares. I cut them out of some 2mm clear acrylic and then worked on filling them in with floss.

The tricky part was actually doing the cross stitching in a way that would be pretty (or at least not unsightly) from the front, since the hearts are clear. It took me quite a few false starts, and it got tricky to push the needle through the holes once there were already some stitches through them, but it wasn’t too bad in the end.

I think these are really sweet, and I’m looking forward to wearing them on Valentine’s Day!