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Makes | 21 Sep 2022

Cricut Veneer Box

On a whim I decided to make this veneer box for my husband, using a small unfinished wood box from Hobbycraft I had in my cupboard, and some veneer off-cuts from another project. I drew up the design in Affinity Designer on my iPad, and imported it into Design Space.

I had found these veneers very fragile on my last project, and they had broken apart during cutting. I decided to try and back them with some double-sided adhesive sheets I recently got, but realised the backing of the sheets was so slippery it wouldn't stick to the mat at all. I adhered some regular printer paper to the back and it worked perfectly, it gave such clean cuts and there was no residue on the mat.

I glued the frame on first to give the other pieces something to fit into, and then added the other veneers layer by layer, gluing the pieces down in sections. I had to do quite a few small adjustments with a scalpel as the box was not exactly square (thanks Hobbycraft!), but eventually I got them all in.

After assembly, before sanding.

I sanded the whole box down with 240 grit sandpaper, and then applied a clear gloss spray. I then lined the inside and the bottom with adhesive baize, which was not easy again because the box is not square, but I'm happy with the end result!

The varnished top.
The inside, lined with baize.

Next time I would assemble the veneers as one flat piece using tape on the front, and then glue the whole piece on at once, which would be a lot quicker and less painful. I'm going to investigate buying some nicer quality boxes also, which would be more expensive but I think would greatly improve the final product.